Friday, February 27, 2009

Guess what...

... I met your grand-daddies this week. They were real nice fellows. This is what they had to say to me:

Your grand-daddies are pervs.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One more for the road

Digital colouring is, as i've stated before, quite a challenge for me. Digital anything is hard actually. But there's so many cool things one can do. Hopefully one day i'll be able to do cool things.

Digital watercolour

I don't get why the colours are all fucked up. This image is not really this blue. Oh well. Too late to care now. Enjoy or eat feces.

More experimentation.

Here's something I put together a few weeks back. I've had funner times projectile vomiting.


I've always wanted to draw pearls. So here is a drawerering about pearls. Any other perceived elements in this image are purely figments of your imagination.


Colour has always been a challenge for me. Much like falling down stairs without getting hurt. Really hard to pull off, which is why i practice often. I also like to practice coloring, and given that i have good enough digital equipment to do so, i make many attempts. Here are some recent ones.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

By Popular demand...

Ok, so some prick commented on my first ever post of the new millenium 2000, and he was all "where's the pictures, where's the pictures?" or whatever. So here's for you, poop face.

This is just to prove that I actually can draw somewhatoknotbad freehand style. This is a portrait done from live observation (with ballpoint pen on cheap computer paper which I later scanned to put that delicious ocre background in photoshop... yum!) back in 1976, of a rather hunky gentleman I spotted in one of the habitats of the National Interdimensional Poly Phlegtramatronic Lemure Enclosure. He was feeding one of the lemures, but moments later was horribly disfigured and also mangled due to excessive lemure enduced phlegtramastrocity. Thankfully he survived, and I sent him this portrait of him... to him, while he recovered in a hospital parking garage. He was so grateful he paid me a million bazillion dollars, thanks to which I was able to purchase that poney i always wanted to shoot with a laser.

More on that later.